What is Apligraf®?What is Apligraf®?How Apligraf® Works

A unique living-cell based product available to treat non-healing ulcers
For patients with diabetic foot ulcers or venous leg ulcers, Apligraf® is an advanced living treatment, providing hope for healing some of the most persistent non-healing ulcers.

Apligraf® is a unique biological advanced, containing living cells, proteins produced by the cells, and collagen which are important for healing. Because it is a cell based product, the body can use the elements in Apligraf® to help promote healing. As a result, Apligraf® is well tolerated, with no major reported side effects.

When healthy skin gets wounded or damaged, the proteins, cells and growth factors in the skin tell the body to rebuild and regrow new skin. This is the normal wound healing process. However, with certain diseases such as diabetes and problems with circulation, these cells, do not work properly, and the healing cycle, including skin regrowth, is broken. This can result in an ulcer.
The active wound healing advantage
Many wound therapies (dressings, antibiotics and antiseptics) are designed to passively manage the wound. Apligraf® plays a more active role by delivering to the wound living cells, proteins produced by the cells, and collagen, which are important for healing.

Comparing human skin to Apligraf®



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