This section contains suggested billing codes for Apligraf®. These codes are provided for your information only. We always recommend that you check with your local carrier, Fiscal Intermediary (FI), Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), or other payer to verify coding and billing requirements.

Hospital Cost Center/Revenue Codes1

Type of Code/Service Rendered Codes Description
Hospital Cost Center/Revenue Code 636
Drugs Requiring Detailed Coding
Medical/surgical supplies and devices
Sterile supply
Prosthetic/Orthotic Devices
Other Implants
General Pharmacy

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1These codes are provided for your information only. Use of these codes is not a guarantee of payment. You should select the most appropriate code for the procedure performed. Coding practice will vary by site of care, patient condition, range of services provided, local carrier instructions, and other factors. Most Carriers have established specific policies for office claims including payment for Apligraf® along with the professional service component. Coding requirements are subject to change at any time. Check with your local payer or call the Apligraf hotline at 1-888-HEAL-2-DAY, select option 3 if you require additional information.